Australia Still Waiting For The U.S. To Compensate The RAAF For A Growler Jet That Burst Into Flames 18 Months Ago

Photo: The Growler is billed to be the next-generation plane for electronic warfare. (Department of Defence: CPL David Gibbs)

ABC News Online: ADF still doesn’t know if US will compensate RAAF for jet that burst into flames 18 months ago

Australia’s Defence Force says it still doesn’t know if it will be compensated after a faulty engine caused a new $120-million American-made jet to abort a take-off then burst into flames.

In January last year the Royal Australian Air Force’s (RAAF) newly delivered EA-18G Growler was taking part in military exercises when a dramatic mechanical malfunction saw the advanced electronic warfare plane skid across a United States runway before catching fire.

The badly damaged aircraft was eventually ‘written off’ after what senior defence figures privately described as the “most serious incident of its kind for the RAAF in more than 25 years”.


WNU Editor: This looks like a manufacturer error, so the rules are simple, the primary company is responsible. In this case the engine malfunctioned, so it is the responsibility of General Electric. But waiting 18 months for an investigation to be completed?!?!? Someone is dragging their feet.

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