How Much Did The World’s Top DJs Make In 2019?

Think that being a DJ is just a matter of pressing down on the
spacebar? According to Forbes’ list of the highest-paid DJs of
2019, their jobs are worth a whole lot more than that.

$358 million, to be exact. That’s the aggregate pretax
earnings number of the top 15 highest DJs in the world. To be sure,
earnings like that don’t just come from pressing play.

Take Steve Aoki, for
example, who played a whopping 200 shows over the year period
surveyed for the list. Aoki’s not even the highest earner on the
list, but he’s up there, thanks to his impact as one of the
industry’s hardest workers and his origins as a self-made

“Being self-made starts in your head — how you think about
your process and handle the obstacles in front of you; from the
smallest challenges to the biggest challenges,” Aoki told Forbes
last year.

“My whole life is a series of challenges and failures in every
field, when you really boil it down. I’m still failing

Though a humble perspective, the $30 million in earnings he made
to make the list isn’t too shabby. Given that he has his own
label, big-brand endorsements, and his own pizza shop chain
(cleverly named Pizzaoki), the
number comes as less of a surprise.

Forbes — probably the foremost publication for earnings
rankings of high profile individuals and career areas — releases
its annual DJ Highest-Paid list based on a period from June 1 of
the previous year to June 1 of the current year.

The calculated earnings are based on all income, the largest
sources of which typically include live show revenues, music
consumption royalties, endorsements, and additional business

Most DJs who made the list come as no surprise, as they’re
often headliners for the world’s largest EDM festivals and
concerts. DJ Pauly D, of
Jersey Shore fame, is likely the biggest surprise inclusion, though
that’s undoubtedly due to his Vegas residency at Drai’s that
started last year.

Consequently, many of the electronic acts who made the list also
benefited from multi-night or frequent shows, residencies, and
festivals in Las Vegas.

Of the DJs who made the list, seven of them are acts from
America. The Netherlands produced the second-most number of
high-earning DJs with four. No female acts earned enough to crack
the top 15, though Alison
came close, according to Forbes. There is yet to be
a female act to make the list since its inception in 2012.

Without further ado, here are the highest-paid DJs in the world
for 2019:

15) Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike ($11.5 million, tie)
– Belgium and Greece

15) DJ Pauly D ($11.5 million, tie) –

15) DJ Snake ($11.5 million, tie) –

14) Afrojack ($12 million) – Netherlands

13) Alesso ($12.5 million) – Sweden

12) Skrillex ($13 million) – America

11) Kaskade ($14 million) – America

10) Armin van Buuren ($15 million) –

9) Zedd ($17 million) – Germany

8) David Guetta ($18 million) – France

7) Martin Garrix ($19 million) –

6) Tiësto ($24 million) – Netherlands

5) Diplo ($25 million) – America

4) Steve Aoki ($30 million) – America

3) Calvin Harris ($38.5 million) –

2) Marshmello ($40 million) – America

1) The Chainsmokers ($46 million) –

The list was reported on by Monica Mercuri and can be
viewed in its entirety

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