Which Industrial Doors Are Best For Your Business?

The design process for your company premises is always sure to be
one that has its ups and downs – there are so many aspects to
focus on that there will always be at least one hurdle that you
find it particularly tough to move past – industrial doors can
often be this stumbling block in the designs, with a variety to
choose from and subtle differences between the options making it
hard to decipher which is the right option. Thanks to our guide to
finding the right industrial doors for your business, you should be
able to select the perfect doors without too much stress or
difficulty – we’ve outlined the biggest choices below, with
some guidance on how each can benefit your company.
High-Speed Doors Perhaps the most economical form of industrial
doors you can find, high-speed doors are a fantastic way to enhance
efficiency and reduce energy usage throughout your business. The
doors are built with anti-crash/crash-protection features, so are
an incredibly safe option to use as internal or external doors for
the business. The fast spiral door HS 7030 PU has double-skinned PU
insulating panels, which is perfect for use as an external door
thanks to the heat retaining capabilities. These high-speed doors
will help you to optimise traffic flow and improve room conditions,
so are a fantastic all-round addition to your designs.
Rolling Shutters & Rolling Grilles Rolling doors such as
shutters and grilles are probably the easiest to use option in this
guide, with the intelligent range of
industrial doors
from Hormann featuring an innovative tension
spring assembly that provides support during the opening and
closing of the doors for extra comfort and safety. The soft start
and soft close aspect of these doors helps to protect them from the
wear and tear of slamming against the surfaces above and below,
with the doors also coming to a reliable stop when encountering an
obstacle. Whilst initially being manually operated, these doors can
easily be automated if later required with the installation of an
operator. Despite being the simplest style of industrial door you
might come across, they have brilliant security features that keep
your premises safe and protected.
Fire Sliding Doors For those who are looking for fire-safety first
and foremost, a fire sliding door could be the ideal option, giving
enhanced resistance in the event of a fire. To keep staff safe
during a fire, many of these doors include a smaller wicket door
that is of ample size for any person, small trolley, or sack truck
– these wicket doors help you to keep the staff safe in an
emergency, which will be the top priority. Each variation of
fire-sliding door is suitable for a different space or purpose,
with doors protecting against heat, smoke, noise and most
importantly, the spread of the fire. A high-quality design process
helps you to ensure that the appearance of your doors remains sleek
and professional

There’s a huge range of internal and external, automatic and
manually operated doors available to use for your business, so
however you’re looking to open and close your premises, there’s
sure to be doors that give the right level of security, ease of
access, and efficiency to suit you and your business. A combination
of these different industrial doors might be the most effective
solution for your premises, so looking into using certain types of
doors throughout the building in situationally relevant scenarios
will allow you to full optimise your
working environment
for a more cohesive workspace and an
effective end result.

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