Iran Says Britain Might Release Oil Tanker Soon

Iranian oil tanker Grace 1 sits anchored after it was seized in July by British Royal Marines off the coast of the British Mediterranean territory on suspicion of violating sanctions against Syria, in the Strait of Gibraltar, southern Spain August 13, 2019. REUTERS/Jon Nazca

Reuters: Iran says Britain might release oil tanker soon, Gibraltar says not yet

DUBAI/LONDON (Reuters) – The British territory of Gibraltar will not yet release an Iranian oil tanker seized by Royal Marines in the Mediterranean despite an Iranian report that it could do so on Tuesday, an official Gibraltar source said.

The commandeering of the Grace 1 on July 4 exacerbated frictions between Tehran and the West and led to retaliatory moves in Gulf waterways used to ship oil.

Britain accused the vessel of violating European sanctions by taking oil to Syria, a charge Tehran denies.


Update #1: Iran says Britain might release seized Grace 1 oil tanker soon (Al Jazeera)
Update #2: Iran says in touch with Britain over seized tanker (France 24)

WNU Editor: Gibraltar is definitely saying no …. Gibraltar denies it is about to free captured Iranian tanker (The Guardian).

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