Swiss Intelligence: Iran Will Wait Out The November 2020 US Election In The Hope That U.S. President Trump Will Be Defeated

A nuclear power plant in Iran. Photo: Tasnim News Agency via Wikimedia Commons.

Jerusalem Post: Swiss intel report: Iran will wait Trump gov’t out on nuclear pact

“Iran will not abandon its ballistic missile program… which already has targeted short-range missiles.”

Switzerland’s Intelligence Service of the Federation revealed in its recent report that the Islamic Republic of Iran will stay in the nuclear deal and wait out the November 2020 US election in the hope that US President Donald Trump suffers an electoral defeat.

The Jerusalem Post examined the 79-page document, which cited Iran’s clerical regime 50 times, and included sections on Tehran’s nuclear, missile, terrorism, espionage and cyber spy activities.

“The Iranian leadership will try to wait President Trump out with strategic patience. Iran will continue to adhere to the provisions of the nuclear agreement that ended, in 2016, its far-reaching international political isolation. But Iran will also continue to support anti-Israeli forces in the region, albeit with much less financial commitment. Iran will not abandon its ballistic missile program… which it already has targeted short-range missiles,” said the intelligence document.


WNU Editor: The Iranians are not the only ones who are hoping for a President Trump defeat in the 2020 elections. I would also add China, most EU governments and allies of the U.S., definitely the governments in Venezuela/Cuba/Nicaragua, and last but not least …. U.S. Democrats and Republican never-Trumpers.

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