Here Is A Reminder Of The World’s Staggering Demand For All Energy Sources

Traffic jam in New Dehli. Ravi Choudhary/Hindustan Times

Public Energy Number One: India’s infrastructure requirements – an eye-opening reminder of the world’s staggering demand for all energy sources

I’ve recently succumbed to an infatuation, much like a grade-school crush. Mind you, what is appealing at my current age is markedly different than what was back then; having traversed a generation’s worth of the realities of adulthood, and with the prospect of hoping to retire someday, the subject matter of my admiration has shifted. Monumentally.

Sadly, and weirdly, my current crush is on a company, or more specifically their stock: Brookfield Infrastructure Partners. This is disturbing in more than one way. Normally, my public admiration of a company’s stock has the effect of destroying the business as surely as if I used dynamite, however it is reasonably probable that BIP will survive even my proven ability to lethally infect that which I invest in. Furthermore, to admit that one is smitten with a business could be a sign of some sort of looming mental issue, and it might be, but check out their dividend growth history for yourself before calling me nuts.


WNU Editor: To build an infrastructure. Any infrastructure. Requires an enormous amount of energy. Bottom line. Demand for fossil fuels are going to be with us for a very long time.

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