Moscow’s Local Elections Show Waning Support for President Putin

Time: Moscow’s Elections Show Putin Is Losing the War at Home

Russian liberals are celebrating the relative success of the Communist Party and other Kremlin-friendly quasi-opposition parties in the elections to the Moscow city council on Sunday as an almost revolutionary breakthrough — but it takes some unpacking to explain why. Candidates from these parties gained around 20 out of 45 seats in the council; meanwhile the ruling United Russia party, which supports Russian President Vladimir Putin, only just retained a majority, losing about 13 seats in the city council (from the current 38 down to just 25).


WNU Editor: Forget about Moscow, the outer regions are definitely not happy with what happened in local elections this weekend …. Protest Erupts in Far East Russia After Pro-Kremlin Candidate’s Victory (Moscow Times).

Update: Analysis is true …. Losses for Vladimir Putin’s United Russia in Moscow election put down a marker for the future (The Conversation)

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