The Case Of Former U.S.National Security Adviser Michael Flynn Just Got Interesting

Daily Mail/AP: Donald Trump’s first national security adviser Mike Flynn’s attorneys accuse prosecutors of ‘misconduct’ by failing to hand over the FBI lovers’ anti-Trump texts and call for case to be dismissed

* Mike Flynn, a former three-star general, was Trump’s first national security advisor until he was fired less than a month after the inauguration
* He pleaded guilty in a plea bargain cut with prosecutors from the Mueller special counsel probe and is now waiting to be sentenced
* But his new defense team are accusing federal prosecutors of ‘egregious misconduct’ claiming Flynn was not given all the facts before making a deal
* Among the missing information, they claim, were the notorious anti-Trump texts exchanged by FBI lovers Lisa Page and Peter Strzok
* Flynn’s attorney Sidney Powell said the whole prosecution should be dismissed
* U.S. District Judge Emmet Sullivan set a Dec. 18 sentencing date for Flynn
* Prosecutors had previously offered a probation recommendation but that now appears to be in jeopardy

A lawyer for Michael Flynn accused federal prosecutors of misconduct on Tuesday as a judge set a December sentencing hearing for President Donald Trump’s former national security adviser.

The arguments from Flynn attorney Sidney Powell were the latest in a series of aggressive attacks on the foundations of special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation.

They represented yet another step in Flynn’s evolution from a model cooperator – he was the first and only White House official to cut a deal with prosecutors – to a defendant whose newly combative and unremorseful stance may cost him a chance at the probation sentence prosecutors had previously recommended.


WNU Editor: If true, there is a very real possibility that this entire may be thrown out by the judge.

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