Does The U.S. Military And Intelligence Establishment Understand What China Is Doing?

David P. Goldman, Law & Liberty: We Need Our Mojo Back Vis-à-Vis China

Bill Gertz is the dean of American defense journalists, and brings vast knowledge and an abundance of sources to his latest book. His review of China’s efforts to gain a decisive edge in military technology is indispensable reading for anyone concerned with the rapid rise of a prospective adversary. Gertz is a reporter first and foremost, and Deceiving the Sky: Inside Communist China’s Drive for Global Supremacy distills the thinking of America’s military and intelligence establishment in a terse and highly readable presentation.


WNU Editor: The above post David P. Goldman uses Bill Gertz’ latest book to make the case that U.S. political and military leaders are disastrously wrong about what the Asian giant has accomplished, what are its goals, and how we must respond. This is a must read.

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