China Now Wants A 6 Carrier Navy


National Interest: China Wants a 6 Carrier Navy with J-20 Stealth Fighters

A powerful fleet.

Key point: China is making rapid progress in achieving a major carrier-based navy.

The Chinese military has decided to develop the air force’s J-20 stealth fighter into a sea-based variant to fly from the navy’s growing fleet of aircraft carriers.

The Central Military Commission, the People’s Liberation Army’s top decision-making body, favors the J-20 over the smaller FC-31 stealth fighter design, according to the Hong Kong South China Morning Post.

The Chengdu Aerospace Corporation, which builds the J-20 for the air force, “will announce some new products, which will include a new version of their J-20,” an unnamed source told the newspaper. “You can guess what type it will be.”


WNU Editor: They now want six carriers!!!! This is an increase from the four that they had originally planned …. China Will Build 4 Nuclear Aircraft Carriers By 2035 In Drive To Catch U.S. Navy (February 6, 2019). Personally, I think this is their ultimate goal …. 10 Chinese Aircraft Carriers By 2049? (January 7, 2019).

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