Is Artificial Intelligence The Future Of Tank Warfare?

Concept art for the Textron Ripsaw next-generation combat vehicle prototype. Textron

Defense One: The US Army Wants to Reinvent Tank Warfare with AI

A new project aims to make the battlefield more “transparent” — while relying on robots and software that “think” in unpredictable ways.

Tank warfare isn’t traditionally easy to predict. In July 1943, for instance, German military planners believed that their advance on the Russian city of Kursk would be over in ten days. In fact, that attempt lasted nearly two months and ultimately failed. Even the 2003 Battle of Baghdad, in which U.S. forces had air superiority, took a week. For the wars of the future, that’s too slow. The U.S. Army has launched a new effort, dubbed Project Quarterback, to accelerate tank warfare by synchronizing battlefield data with the aid of artificial Intelligence.


WNU Editor: AI platforms will be the future of warfare. But there will always be a human component involved.

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