Wars Have Become More ‘Complicated’ Since The Fall Of The Berlin Wall

Kira Schacht, DW: How war has changed since 1989

After the Cold War ended, the world hoped for an era of peace. But things turned out differently. Now, 30 years after the historic fall of the Berlin Wall that shifted power balances, wars are more complex than ever.

The twentieth century was dominated by wars. An estimated 80 million people died in two world wars. Then there was the Cold War: an arms race between the USA and Russia. In Europe and large parts of the world, two hostile sides faced each other. In Asia, the Middle East, Africa and South America, the global powers financed bloody proxy wars.

Peaceful revolutions finally brought down the Iron Curtain in 1989. The Cold War was declared over. “We hoped that after the end of the cold war, there would be an era of peace,” says Sarah Brockmeier, UN peacekeeping expert at the Global Public Policy Institute, a Berlin-based think tank.


WNU Editor: The part of this study that raised my eyebrows is that military spending is now at an all time low.

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