Polls Indicate A Conservative Majority When U.K. Voters Go To The Polls On December 12

Daily Mail: New poll shows Tories with a 12-point lead over Labour while calamity Jeremy Corbyn stumbles from crisis to crisis

* Boris Johnson’s Conservative party maintained its 12-point lead from last week
* Party’s early ‘wobble’ includes gaffe from Jacob Rees-Mogg about Grenfell fire
* Support for traditional parties grown as backing for Nigel Farage has crashed

Boris Johnson’s uncertain start to the Election campaign has not harmed his party’s poll ratings, with the Conservatives maintaining their 12-point lead from last week.

The party’s early ‘wobble’ – with gaffes such as Jacob Rees-Mogg suggesting that victims of the Grenfell Tower inferno should have ignored fire brigade advice to stay in the building – has not hit their support.

Their headline figure is 41 per cent, with Labour on 29 per cent – both up one percentage point from last week – with the Liberal Democrats up two points on 16 per cent.


Update #1: These 4 charts show how the UK election, and Brexit, could play out (CNBC)
Update #2: 650 seats, 46 million voters: The UK election in numbers (Washington Post)

WNU Editor: Brexit is the number one issue in this election. And if the above polls hold until election day, Boris Jonhson’s Conservative will easily form a majority government. My prediction. The Conservative will have a 40+ seat majority in the House of Commons on December 13, and Brexit will be a fait-accompli in 2020.

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