Egypt, Ethiopia, Sudan Resume Talks Over Disputed Nile Dam In Ethiopia

Fresh talks are beginning as construction on Ethiopia’s Grand Renaissance dam reaches its final stages. Photograph: Tiksa Negeri/Reuters

The Guardian: Egypt and Sudan in talks to defuse tensions over Ethiopian dam

Nile basin countries fear for their future water supplies as the Grand Renaissance hydroelectric project reaches completion.

A new round of high-level talks has started in Cairo between three Nile basin countries aimed at resolving disputes over Ethiopia’s controversial Grand Renaissance dam, which is set to become Africa’s biggest hydroelectric power plant.

Analysts fear that Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia could be drawn into conflict if the dispute is not resolved before the $5bn dam begins operating next year.

Officials from the US and the World Bank have joined ministers from the three countries for the two-day meeting amid escalating tensions over the dam – most notably the timetable for filling up a reservoir bigger than greater London.


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