North Korean Media: All-Out War Could Erupt Between US And North Korea ‘At Any Moment’

Daily Mail: Kim Jong Un rides a white horse up a sacred mountain alongside his wife in visit ‘signifying major announcement’ after North Korea warned the US to expect a ‘Christmas gift’ if nuke talks do not progress

* Kim Jong Un rode a white horse up sacred Mount Paektu alongside his wife Ri Sol-ju and other top lieutenants
* Photos symbolism-heavy as Mount Paektu and white horses are associated with Kim family’s dynastic rule
* It comes as nuclear talks with the United States are stalled with looming one-year deadline set by North Korea

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un was today pictured riding a white horse up a sacred mountain in a symbolic visit believed to indicate a major policy announcement is on the horizon.

The symbolism-heavy photos were released as nuclear talks with the United States continue to stall and an end-of-year deadline set by North Korea for Washington to offer concessions fast approaches.

Earlier this week, Pyongyang warned it would send the US a ‘Christmas gift’ – but what it will be depends on the outcome of ongoing talks with Washington.


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