Iran Is Using ‘Suicide Drones’ To Surveil U.S. Military Positions In The Middle East

Newsweek: Iran Uses ‘Suicide Drones’ to Surveil U.S. Military Positions and Provoke Forces in Middle East

Long-simmering tensions between Washington and Tehran are escalating, with Iran’s special foreign operations force using so-called “suicide drones” near U.S. military personnel in the Middle East in a series of intense provocations, Newsweek has learned.

U.S. forces are taking steps to protect themselves after witnessing an increase of flights of unmannedaerial vehicles or drones. Some are conducting operations involving “C4i,” a term referring to command, control, communications, computers and intelligence, near American positions in the region, according to members of the U.S. military and intelligence community who spoke to Newsweek under condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss matters publicly.

American officials told Newsweek such activity indicates that Iran-friendly regional militias acting at the behest of the Quds Force, the expeditionary arm of the elite Revolutionary Guard, were conducting reconnaissance potentially in preparation for future attacks using suicide drones. Such devices, tested in Iran since at least 2014, could carry explosive payloads across far distances and certain models could be equipped to conduct surveillance as well.


WNU Editor: Any drone can be converted into a suicide drone, so what the Iranians are using is not the big concern. The big worry is that these Iranian surveillance operations have increased, and considering how tense the entire region is, fears of a possible Iranian attack are justified. What I do not understand is that if these drones are flying over U.S. military sites and installations, why are they not shooting them down?

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