Russia’s New Warships Will Soon Be Armed With Hypersonic Missiles

Russian warships launching Kalibr land attack missiles against targets in Syria. Kalibr is much slower than Zircon but the latter would launch in a similar fashion. TASS

Popular Mechanics: Russia’s New Warships Will Pack Hypersonic Missiles

It’s a new era of naval warfare.

  * Russia’s new Zircon missile travels at a whopping Mach 9, or almost 7,000 miles an hour.
  * The sea-launched missile can strike targets on land or at sea.
  * All of Russia’s modernized or upcoming warships will carry Zircon, giving them a weapon that even the U.S. Navy might not be able to stop.

All of Russia’s new and upcoming warships will carry a new hypersonic missile capable of traveling nearly 7,000 miles per hour. According to the head of Russia’s main warship manufacturer, all modern warships serving in the Russian Navy and those on the drawing board will carry the weapon. Zircon is reportedly capable of striking both ground and naval targets and is likely so fast as to make it unstoppable against modern naval defenses.


WNU Editor: Can anyone say “carrier killer”.

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