U.S. Attorney General William Barr: Shooting At Pensacola Navy Base Was Terrorism Motivated By ‘Jihadist Ideology’

Daily Mail: AG Bill Barr demands Apple unlock two phones used by Saudi cadet responsible for shooting at Pensacola Navy base to see if he acted alone as he says the attack WAS terrorism motivated by ‘jihadist ideology’

* Attorney General William Barr branded the December attack at the US Naval Air Station in Pensacola, Florida, an ‘act of terrorism’ at a Monday press conference
* He urged Apple to cooperate with investigators trying to crack two iPhones used by gunman Mohammed Alshamrani
* The FBI has been unable to access the phones as they are locked and encrypted
* Barr accused Apple of refusing to provide ‘substantive assistance’
* Apple says it has already provided investigators with all the relevant data
* Barr’s latest appeal for Apple’s cooperation marked an escalation of the DOJ’s ongoing fight with the tech giant over personal privacy vs public safety
* The attorney general indicated that he intends to use the Alshamrani case to push for a solution to the DOJ’s struggle to get around Apple security features
* DOJ officials say they need access to the Alshamrani’s phones to determine whether he had discussed his plans with others at the base and if acted alone
* Three sailors were killed and eight others were wounded when Alshamrani opened fire in a classroom on December 6
* Alshamrani, 21, was then killed by a sheriff’s deputy during the 15-minute attack
* Barr said on Monday that Alshamrani was motivated by ‘jihadist ideology’

US Attorney General William Barr has demanded that Apple unlock two cellphones used by a gunman who carried out a mass shooting at a Florida military base.

Barr made the high profile request at a press conference on Monday where he branded the attack an ‘act of terrorism’.

Three American sailors were killed and eight other people were wounded when Saudi military trainee Mohammed Alshamrani opened fire in a classroom at the US Naval Air Station in Pensacola on December 6.

Alshamrani, 21, who was training to be a naval flight officer, was then killed in a shoot-out with police.


WNU Editor: DUH!

Update: Only 21? …. DOJ Says 21 Saudi Cadets Being Expelled From U.S. Over Extremist, Child Porn Content (NPR).

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