Cyber Security Firm With Ties To 2020 Democrats Claims Russians Hacked Ukraine Company Burisma

USA Today: Russians hacked Ukraine company Burisma at heart of Trump impeachment, cybersecurity firm says

WASHINGTON – A computer security company reported Monday that Russian hackers sought access to the Ukraine gas company at the heart of the impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump, and House Democrats warned the move threatened to interfere with the 2020 election.

Area 1 Security, a California company focused on email security, reported that members of Russian military intelligence known as the GRU launched a campaign in early November to steal email credentials from workers at Burisma Holdings.

The eight-page report does not say what information, if any, the GRU obtained or what it was looking for. The firm also did not speculate as to the GRU’s motivations. But the target and timing of the apparent hacking, which happened in the middle of a presidential race and a House impeachment inquiry against Trump, quickly raised concerns among Democrats that Russia may be using similar hacking techniques to interfere in the 2020 presidential election.


WNU Editor: So a single cybersecurity start-up, whose founder is a Democrat working with 2020 Democrats and who won’t say anything about how he knows that the hacking actually happened, comes out and says that Russia hacked the Ukraine company Burisma that is also at the heart of the current impeachment of President Trump. And right after that, the main stream media repeats his claims and Democrat politicians demand an investigation and hearings …. while also providing zero evidence. Do they really think this is going to work? Do they view us with that much contempt? You tell me.

Update: Founder of Area 1, firm that alleges Russian hacking of Burisma, is working with 2020 Democrats (Eddie Scarry, Washington Examiner).

Update #2: U.S. Intelligence is now on the case (does anyone want to make a bet that they will find nothing, or say that they cannot make it public because it will compromise intel methods and sources) ….. U.S. Spy Agencies Tracking Russian Hack of Biden-Linked Burisma (Bloomberg).

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