New Video Emerges Shows Two Missiles Striking Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752

Daily Mail: New footage shows the moment Iranian missiles are fired at a passenger jet killing 176 people as the commander responsible holds awkward meeting with the bereaved families

* CCTV footage four miles from military base shows missiles being fired at jet
* Two missiles struck the passenger killing all 176 people on board last week
* Commander responsible met bereaved family of a victim on Tuesday night
* Iran has made arrests after initially denying culpability which sparked protests

New CCTV footage has revealed the moment two Iranian missiles were fired at a Ukrainian passenger jet killing all 176 aboard shortly after it took off from Tehran.

It shows the first missile tearing across the horizon last Wednesday and exploding against the fuselage before a second follows in its wake.

The Boeing 737 can then be seen descending in a ball of flame which grows larger as it plummets towards the ground. The footage obtained by The New York Times was filmed on a rooftop camera around four miles away from the base which Iran’s Revolutionary Guard confirmed fired the rockets.

On Tuesday night Commander Amir Ali Hajizadeh, responsible for the country’s missiles, held stilted meetings with the bereaved family of one of the victims of the strike.


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