Reports: Top Secret Russian Spy Satellite Exploded In Space

File illustration of Kosmos-2491

Space Daily/Sputnik: Russian spy satellite has broken up in space says harvard astronomer

Russia launched the Kosmos-2491 military satellite into orbit in 2013, with few details made available regarding its capabilities and mission, leading to speculation about its true purpose.

Russia’s Kosmos-2491 military satellite may has disintegrated in space, either by accident or after deliberately self-destructing, Harvard-Smithsonian astronomer Jonathan McDowell believes.

Earlier, the US Air Force’s Project Space Track reported that ten fragments thought to be the remnants of the Kosmos-2491 military satellite, assigned the numbers 44912-44913 and 44987-44994, were observed orbiting at altitudes between 1,329 to 1,699 km.


WNU Editor: There is a lot of speculation on what may have happened. But deliberately blowing up the satellite is a little far fetch for me.

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