Dog Nicknamed ‘Subway Sally’ Goes Viral After Visiting Subway Restaurant Every Night for a Year

If you give a dog the makings of a Subway sandwich …

After a full year of getting nightly visitations from an adorable local dog, a Subway employee in Portales, New Mexico, decided to film the dog receiving her nightly snack.

In a video initially shared on the his TikTok, the dog can be seen standing outside in front of the door, patiently awaiting an assortment of meat and cheese.  “This stray dog has been coming to subway every night for the past year,” Giovanni Luhman wrote alongside the clip, adding, “we always feed her.”

“Her name is Subway Sallie,” he added, alongside a clip of the adorable pooch meeting him at the door and gently biting onto her wrapped feast as Luhman places it on the ground for her.

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Much to Luhman’s surprise, by the time he woke up in the morning, the clip had already gone massively viral, having been viewed over 10 million times, according to CBS affiliate KRQE, which also reported that people are actually visiting the store these days hoping to get a glimpse of the pup.

“Not to be dramatic but I would die for Subway Sally,” reads one passionate Tweet from a fan.

The adorable pooch even caught the attention of the actual sandwich chain, which tweeted, “Subway Sally just made all of our dreams come true.”

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As Luhman continued to make videos about the dog, he explained that he could not personally take Sally in because he already has cats at home, according to CBS News. He also explained that taking her to a shelter wasn’t a great option, as the closest one to him has a high kill rate.

After seeing how much the Internet latched on to Sally, Luhman told CBS News that he wants to start a pet food drive “to help low income families in hopes that their pets won’t end up on the streets because they can’t be taken care of.”

As KRQE points out, it’s unclear if Sally really is a stray dog as some neighbors have reported seeing her with puppies around a nearby house.

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