Russian MPs Confirm Mikhail Mishustin As New Prime Minister

Daily Mail: ‘I’m sure the Russian people will support me’: Putin is confident of becoming Russia’s leader for LIFE after changing the constitution

* Putin says he believes Russians will support sweeping changes to constitution
* Planned changes could pave the way for him to extend leadership beyond 2024
* Putin is supposed to step down as president by 2024 under the current rules

Vladimir Putin believes the Russian people will support his sweeping changes to the country’s constitution that could keep him in power long after his presidential term ends.

The Russian President announced, as part of his annual state address on Wednesday, changes that could pave the way for him to extend his leadership beyond 2024.

A day after the shock announcement, that saw his entire government – including Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev – resign, Putin said he believed the people supported these changes.


WNU Editor: Russia’s new Prime Minister is a very rich man on a Russian technocrat’s salary …. Putin critics ask how his PM choice acquired expensive properties (The Guardian). More here …. Putin’s New PM Hiding Elite Moscow Property – Proekt (Moscow Times).

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