Daily Military And Intelligence News — January 17, 2020

Daily Signal: Iranian Missile Attacks Offer Insights Into Tehran’s Intentions, Capabilities

Iran fired missiles at two U.S. bases in Iraq on Jan. 8, setting off a wave of speculation in the American media. Now that the dust has settled, analyzing the strikes can provide important insights into Iran’s intentions and capabilities—and how the United States should respond.

In the immediate aftermath of the attacks, many commentators were quickly bogged down by the question of whether the Iranian strikes were meant to be precise.


Daily Military And Intelligence News — January 17, 2020

‘Massive Improvement’ In Accuracy Of Iran Missiles Over Scud-B — Breaking Defense

Here’s how far Iran’s missiles can strike — CNBC

After Iran missiles hit Iraq base, the US military lost contact with multiple Predator drones — War Is Boring

US military may send missile defense batteries to the Middle East in wake of Iran strike — Military Times

Despite billions spent on missile shields, US troops were defenseless when Iran attacked — Washington Examiner

11 U.S. Service Members Were Treated for Concussion Symptoms After Iranian Missile Attack — Time

Paratroopers to replace Marines at US Embassy in Baghdad — Army Times

US Army cancels current effort to replace Bradley vehicle — Defense News

F-35 logistics system to be reinvented and renamed, official says — Reuters

Watch the Defiant helicopter exceed 100 knots — Defense News

Navy officials ask for bigger share of Pentagon budget — UPI

The Space Force gets its first member, and Trump gets his first briefing on the new service — Defense News

Congress wrestles with deterring China ― beyond nukes — Defense News

China’s Antics Are a ‘Game-Changer’ for the Navy and Marine Corps, 4-Star Says — Military.com

Here’s how much border wall has been built with the military’s money — Military Times

House Armed Services chairman exploring options to stop Trump from taking $7.2B in DOD funds for wall — The Hill

Trump criticizes Apple’s encryption stance on Pensacola phones — Reuters

U.S. ambassador: South Korea should share more defense costs — UPI

Pentagon: US could soon restart training Saudi military students — FOX News

DoD says it will update vetting for foreign military students — UPI

Saudi Arabia has paid $500M toward the cost of US troops in country — CNN

Egypt launches largest military base in Middle East — Middle East Monitor

Analysis For Egypt, a New Sparkling Army Base Instead of a Risky Military Adventure in Libya — Haaretz

Israeli Air Force Inaugurates Second Squadron of F-35I Adir Stealth Aircraft — Sputnik

Former fighter pilot picked to lead British military’s space command — Defense News

Canadian military seeks help to clean up space junk — CBC

Australian defense leaders defend submarine buy with France’s Naval Group — Defense News

Germany’s $6.7 billion frigate deal with Dutch shipbuilder Damen may be the last of its kind — Defense News

South Korea to rule on first transgender soldier — CNN

‘If anything happens, we can scramble’: Taiwan’s air force pilots on the front line with mainland China — SCMP

China’s new killer robot ship goes through its first sea trial — SCMP

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