The Bachelor: Kelsey and Hannah Ann Have Another Emotional Confrontation over #ChampagneGate

#ChampagneGate continues to bubble over on The Bachelor.

In PEOPLE’s exclusive sneak peek at Monday’s episode, tensions are still simmering in the mansion in the wake of a fight between Kelsey and Hannah Ann, an early frontrunner.

During last week’s cocktail party, Kelsey accused Hannah Ann of stealing a special bottle of champagne she had been saving for her time with Peter Weber, but Kelsey insisted there were two separate champagne set-ups and that she had mistakenly popped the wrong bottle. Hannah Ann then told Peter that Kelsey had been “bullying” her, prompting him to intervene.

“This whole thing has just been taken way too far,” Kelsey says in the clip. “And I’m hoping that it stops here.”

She pulls Hannah Ann aside, telling her it was “s—y” of her to get Peter involved.

“You have to understand, the word ‘bully,’ that’s a very serious accusation to make,” she says. “I’m not okay with that and I won’t tolerate it.”

“After the fiasco of the champagne-stealing incident, you were calling me a bitch,” Hannah Ann points out. “You were saying that I was fake.”

“Me saying unkind words to you, I apologized for that. But that is not bullying,” Kelsey insists. “It’s not.”

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Hannah Ann says they’ll have to “agree to disagree on that.”

“I would never steal someone’s champagne,” she adds, tearing up. “I promise you on everything, I would not steal your champagne.”

“It’s not about the champagne — I don’t even really like champagne,” Kelsey says.

“You don’t know me,” Hannah Ann challenges. “So why call me fake? Why call me the b-word?”

“Honey, you’ve had plenty of time to come up and talk to me about it,” Kelsey says. “And I know what I said wasn’t nice.”

“You told me stay the F away from you, so,” Hannah Ann replies.

“So we’re going to make this about me now?” Kelsey fires back.

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During an appearance on PeopleTV’s Reality Check this week, another contestant, Courtney Perry, said it was “hard to say” whether Hannah Ann made an honest mistake, or whether it was a deliberate move.

“The only thing that bothered me was that when it happened, she just didn’t even apologize for it,” Courtney said. “She was basically like, ‘I appreciate your feelings and I’m acknowledging them,’ but she didn’t really have anything else to say about it. … She never apologized. Not that I’m aware of and not that I saw.”

The Bachelor airs Mondays (8 p.m. ET) on ABC.

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