Commentaries, Analysis, And Editorials — February 13, 2020

Michael O’Hanlon and Steven Heydemann, The Hill: Syria is not a lost cause for the US — but it is getting close

The long-awaited assault in Syria’s Idlib province by President Bashar al-Assad’s army, backed by Russian airpower and Iranian-sponsored militias, is well underway. Again, the people of Syria are experiencing horrific tragedy. Assad justifies his actions in terms of counterterrorism. But his scorched-earth tactics primarily kill, maim and render homeless innocent civilians, most from the nation’s Sunni majority population.


Commentaries, Analysis, And Editorials — February 13, 2020

Deadly clash in Syria a vivid reminder of US troops’ ill-defined mission — Martin Chulov, The Guardian

Too little, too late in Syria, where Turkey undermined the rebellion — Seth J. Frantzman, The hill

Following Russian expansion, roadblocks in northeast Syria delineate zones of US control — Dan Wilkofsky, Al-Monitor

Trump’s peace plan and the Gulf Arab States’ reaction — David May and Varsha Koduvayur, The Hill

The System for Diagnosing Epidemics Is Failing — Bloomberg

Is Pakistani intelligence radicalizing Rohingya refugees? — Zobaer Ahmed, DW

Algeria: 60 years on, French nuclear tests leave bitter fallout — Elizabeth Bryant, DW

Will the Man in the Funny Hat Replace Merkel? — Andreas Kluth, Bloomberg View

Is Prague trolling Moscow by honouring slain Putin critic? — Tim Gosling, Al Jazeera

Bukele’s Politicization of the Military Revives Old Fears in El Salvador — Christine Wade, WPR

Amazon’s fight with Trump is about much more than $10bn — Dave Lee, BBC

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