This Is What It Looks Like When US Marines Blast Their Way Into Buildings

Business Insider: Here’s what it looks like when Marines blast their way into buildings while battling in cities

* For US Marines, when the path forward is blocked by obstacles, combat engineers are sometimes called in to execute a breach using explosive charges.
* During a recent visit to Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, Insider observed the US Marine Corps 1st Combat Engineer Battalion and members of the Japanese Ground Self-Defense Force conduct urban breaching training.
* One Marine said that while the blast from the small charges feel like someone pushed you, the big ones feel like getting hit by a linebacker.

CAMP PENDLETON, Calif.—Sometimes in urban combat, Marines run up against obstacles that can really only be cleared with a bit of explosive power.

In those moments, troops turn to combat engineers trained to blast their way through doors, walls, windows, and even roofs.

Insider recently had the chance to observe Marines and members of the Japanese Ground Self-Defense Force engage in urban breaching training at Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton.


WNU Editor: You better not be on the other side of the door when the charges go off.

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