Why Does The Solomon Islands Want A $100 Billion Loan From China? And How Can They Repay It?

ABC News Online: Solomon Islands discussed $US100 billion loan from Chinese businessman, according to leaked letters

Documents leaked to the ABC reveal the Solomon Islands Government discussed a $US100 billion ($151 billion) loan from a Chinese businessman — an amount of money almost 77 times the Pacific nation’s GDP.

Solomon Islands Finance Minister Harry Kuma has confirmed that the leaked letters showing him in discussions about a possible loan are authentic.

“Yes, the letters are real,” he told the ABC in a message.

“I am, however, disappointed that I have not received an [advice] on the proposal from my officers when the matter was put on trial in the media.”


WNU Editor: The Solomon Islands Finance Minister wanted to receive an 11% commission for negotiating this deal. Beyond the greed of one finance minister, to say this entire discussion is insane is an understatement.

Author: Anchorman

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