Germany Makes Progress In Stemming The Covid-19 Coronavirus Pandemic

Germany has recorded far more cases than the UK, possibly because of Berlin’s policy of trying to find and test every case

But the UK has recorded more deaths, with Germany’s total death toll still only at 149 today

Daily Mail: Angela Merkel tests negative for coronavirus for a second time but remains in quarantine, as Germany sees a drop in infection rate from 21% to 15% and death rate stays below 0.5%

* Merkel has been working from home since being treated by an infected doctor
* Germany’s total number of coronavirus cases rose by 4,118, reaching 31,554
* The death toll climbed by 35, reaching 149 – an overall rate of only 0.5 per cent
* Low rate may be linked to more thorough testing and more intensive care beds

German chancellor Angela Merkel has tested negative for coronavirus for a second time but remains in quarantine, her office said today.

Merkel, 65, has been working from home in Berlin since discovering that a doctor who recently gave her a vaccination had tested positive for the disease.

An initial test came back negative on Monday, and a government spokesman told German media today that a second test had shown the same result.

‘The chancellor continues to work from quarantine at home and will be tested again at the start of next week,’ the spokesman said.


WNU Editor: Below are some possible explanations on why is Germany’s death rate low:

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