Military And Intelligence News Briefs — April 1, 2020

The USS Roosevelt was forced to dock in Guam last week after 25 sailors on board tested positive for coronavirus. Since then, more than 100 members of the roughly 5,000-person crew have reportedly tested positive. The vessel is seen in port Friday

Daily Mail: PICTURED: USS Roosevelt docked in Guam after Defense Secretary Mark Esper publicly disagreed with the captain’s call to immediately evacuate warship because of a coronavirus outbreak and admitted he didn’t read his letter pleading for help

* The USS Theodore Roosevelt docked in Guam last week after 25 crew members tested positive for COVID-19
* Since then, more than 100 members of the roughly 5,000-person crew have reportedly tested positive
* Captain Brett Crozier called to quarantine 90 percent of the crew on land in a four-page letter to Navy leaders
* ‘We are not at war. Sailors do not need to die,’ the captain wrote
* Asked if it’s time to evacuate the ship on Tuesday, DoD Sec Mark Esper said: ‘I don’t think we’re at that point’
* He also said he has not ‘had a chance to read [Crozier’s] letter … in detail’
* Pacific Fleet Commander Adm John Aquilino said the Navy is working on plans to rotate some of the sailors off the ship and into isolation
* He emphasized that a full evacuation will not happen because the ship needs to be prepared to go to battle
* There are 1,259 confirmed coronavirus cases in the US military as of Tuesday
* The Pentagon instructed bases and installations not to reveal specific case counts last week so as not to give potential enemies an advantage

US Defense Secretary Mark Esper says it is not time to evacuate the coronavirus-stricken USS Theodore Roosevelt after the warship’s captain penned an unprecedented letter pleading for the Navy’s help in protecting its sailors from infection.

The aircraft carrier was ordered to cease sail and docked in Guam last Thursday after 25 sailors on board tested positive for COVID-19.

Since then, more than 100 members of the roughly 5,000-person crew have reportedly tested positive.


Military And Intelligence News Briefs — April 1, 2020

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