The Covid-19 Coronavirus Pandemic Is Now Impacting Russia

NPR: In Russia, Health Services Struggle As Exasperation Grows Over Coronavirus Aid Abroad

Nearly a dozen Russian military planes filled with medical supplies landed in Serbia on Friday — the latest in a series of controversial Kremlin humanitarian aid missions carried out amid the global spread of the coronavirus.

“Now we have everything to fight the virus,” said Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic in a statement released by Russia’s Defense Ministry. “I want to say a big thank you to the Russian people.”

Indeed, to some Russians, these airlifts are examples of generosity and show the country pitching in during a time of global need. But others see the Kremlin pursuing wider foreign policy and propaganda goals.


WNU Editor: According to John Hopkins University there are currently 4,700 Covid-19 cases, and 43 deaths in Russia. The sentiment among the Russia public is that the real numbers are higher, and many are now starting to speak out …. Russian Doctor Who Criticized Government’s COVID-19 Response Detained (RFE). The economic impact is also now starting to touch the lives of millions of Russians …. Russia’s ‘corona-holidays’ leave small businesses in freefall (DW), and the predictions are that it is going to get worse.

For new readers to the blog, my nationality is Russian/Ukrainian-Russian, and my connections to both Russia and Ukraine are still strong. For the past few weeks I have become a regular feature on some Russian radio programs, podcasts, and once in a while I am on state-run Россия 24 (Russia 24) explaining to viewers on what is happening in Canada/Russia. I do not sugarcoat what this pandemic is doing to the Canada and the U.S., and I try my best to explain why I believe this storm is about to add Russia to its list of victims. My only regret is that wish I was in Moscow right now instead of being isolated in my chalet in the Laurentians of Quebec, Canada. I know I can do far more over there than here. We all know this pandemic is going to change and rearrange the world in ways that we can now only imagine. Speaking only for myself. I do not want to be on the sidelines just watching this unfold, I want to get involved.

Enough venting. Time to go to sleep.

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