China Imposes New Security Law On Hong Kong

NBC: Hong Kong lawmaker mourns ‘end of homeland’ as China mulls anti-protest law

“This is the end of Hong Kong and it’s like the end of our homeland,” said Tanya Chan, a legislator in the territory.

HONG KONG — Pro-democracy legislators in Hong Kong on Friday hit back after Beijing introduced a new national security law that could limit protests and dramatically reduce the territory’s autonomy.

“This is the end of Hong Kong and it’s like the end of our homeland,” Tanya Chan, a member of Hong Kong’s Legislative Council, said at the start of China’s annual National People’s Congress in Beijing, where the bill was set to be discussed.

“I recall the time when I was young, and I believed in ‘one country, two systems,’ and I believed we were going to showcase to the world that Hong Kong people can rule Hong Kong,” she added. “But now, I’m not yet 50 years old and suddenly all is gone.”


WNU Editor:
Hong Kong as we know it has changed. I expect China will be moving very quickly to do this …. China looks to set up national security agencies in Hong Kong (Financial Times). More here …. China paves way for security agencies to set up in Hong Kong (Irish Times).

Update: I can guarantee this is going to happen …. Hong Kong activists call for protest after China vows stronger security enforcement (France 24).

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