East Africa Facing A ‘Triple Threat’ From Covid-19 Coronavirus, Floods And Locusts

Daily Mail: Locusts, Covid-19 and flooding pose a ‘triple threat’ to millions across East Africa, UN warns

* A mammoth new swarm of the insects is on the most in East Africa, officials said
* The invasion could wipe out 100 per cent of crop production across the region
* Coronavirus lockdowns and flooding have stalled efforts to combat the locusts

Millions of people in East Africa face a ‘triple threat’ of locusts, coronavirus, and deadly flooding, officials have warned.

A mammoth new swarm of the insects, numbering in the billions, is on the move in East Africa, where some countries haven’t seen such an outbreak in 70 years.

UN officials have warned a plague of the insects could be experienced by the end of the year.

The impending invasion is estimated to be 20 times larger than the first and threatens to wipe out thousands of acres of crops before they are harvested.


WNU Editor: The Middle East is also facing the same disaster …. Middle East Is Being Battered By Huge Locust Plague Proving 2020 Isn’t Done Yet.

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