China’s Rejection Of Arms Control Means A New Arms Race Is About to Happen


National Interest: Get Ready For a New Arms Race: Why Nuclear Strategic Stability Won’t Work With China

By entering an arms control regime, China could show that it accepts the value of arms control and seeks confidence-building measures, which aids stability while demonstrating that China is a status quo power. The fact that China rejects arms control is troubling and suggests, first, it is a revisionist power, and second, that it wants to be unfettered as it expands its arsenal.

China’s expansion of nuclear weapons has not received the attention it deserves due to its threat to U.S. interests and for strategic stability. China’s actions undermine the ability of the United States to deter attacks against the United States, to extend deterrence to its allies, and to protect its interests. Strategic stability results when both or all sides in a deterrence relationship have little incentive to race for superiority. During the dénouement of the Cold War, strategic stability obtained for the United States and Russia. However, strategic stability will not obtain with respect to China for three reasons.


WNU Editor: China has always made its intentions very clear. To be a global superpower. That would also mean a nuclear arsenal far to match what the U.S. and Russia have.

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