Chinese Navy Instructor Saves New Recruit From An Exploding Grenade

Daily Mail: Basic training’s a blast! Navy instructor saves new recruit from an exploding grenade after he fails to throw it far enough

* A trainee from China’s Naval Aviation University was saved by his instructor
* He did not throw his grenade far enough during a training exercise
* The trainee’s instructor pulled him away and rolled them both into a foxhole

A naval instructor saved a trainee with seconds to spare after the new recruit accidentally threw a grenade too close to the group.

A team of trainees from China’s Naval Aviation University were being shown how to throw grenades when one of them threw a grenade into a bunker by mistake.

Footage shows the the team’s instructor instinctively reacting and saving the trainee by dragging him into a foxhole seconds before the grenade explodes.


WNU Editor: This could have ended badly.

Author: Anchorman

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