Facebook Failing To Block China’s Targeting Of President Trump

During the BBC interview Zuckerberg said: ‘If you’re saying something that is just wrong and is spreading quickly but isn’t going to put people at imminent risk, we don’t take that down but we stop it from spreading’

Laura Edelson and Sheila Krumholz, USA Today: China’s hidden targeting of Donald Trump one reason Facebook needs new cybersecurity approach

Too many loopholes exist for bad actors to influence our elections. It’s time for Facebook to get serious about closing them.

Six months out from election 2020, Facebook is awash with coronavirus-themed paid advertising — but the American public has been left in the dark about who is paying for these ads and how they are being targeted. Facebook has taken steps toward transparency by voluntarily disclosing political ad content and data through its online Ad Library. But the library is complicated to use, untold numbers of ads are missing and a significant element is lacking: adequate information on how ads are directed toward specific demographics and groups of people.

For the public to be better informed about who is trying to influence their votes and why, we need to embrace new approaches for transparency. Tried and true techniques from the practice of cybersecurity can help us strengthen democracy by revealing vulnerabilities in disclosure of online political ads.


WNU Editor: It looks like Facebook CEO Zuckerberg is aware there is a problem …. Mark Zuckerberg says Facebook is in a fake news ‘arms race’ against Russia, Iran and China as he bids to stop electoral interference and misinformation about coronavirus and 5G masts (Daily Mail).

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