Will The Riots Spread From Minneapolis To Other U.S. Cities?

Daily Mail: State troopers are called in and Minneapolis Mayor asks for National Guard’s help as city braces for a third night of violence after a looter is killed in George Floyd protests and stores are torched and ransacked

* Shocking images Thursday show the widespread destruction left in the wake of the protests Wednesday
* Mayor Jacob Frey on Thursday asked Governor Tim Walz for the Minnesota National Guard’s assistance ahead of more expected protests this evening: there are up to 60 state troopers already on the ground
* ‘Please, Minneapolis, we cannot let tragedy beget more tragedy’, Mayor Frey tweeted Wednesday evening
* Minneapolis Police Chief John Elder confirmed a man was shot dead during the chaos on Wednesday night
* News of the death topped off a night of protests across the city as looters ransacked and set fire to stores
* The chaos erupted on day two of outrage over the death of George Floyd who died on Monday
* Footage emerged Tuesday of white cop Derek Chauvin kneeling on Floyd’s neck moments before he died

Minneapolis was bracing for a third night of violence Thursday after George Floyd protests in the city turned deadly Wednesday evening.

State troopers have already been called in and Mayor Jacob Frey asked for the National Guard’s help after one suspected looter was fatally shot and stores were left ransacked and torched.

Shocking images Thursday morning show the widespread destruction left in the wake of the protests over the death of Floyd in police custody on Monday.

Chaos first erupted Tuesday after footage showed a white police officer knelt on the father-of-two’s neck for eight minutes. By Wednesday stores including Wendy’s, Target, Walmart and AutoZone had been looted, ransacked and some set alight before rioters tried to bust open an ATM.


Update #1: Violent protests rock Minneapolis for 2nd straight night (AP).
Update #2: No Arrests After George Floyd Protests Turn Violent In Downtown LA (CBS)

WNU Editor: When I first saw the video of the police office putting his knee on the neck of George Floyd, after a minute I said to myself that this man is going to die. Now we are learning that this father of two died over a $20 counterfeit bill …. George Floyd was arrested because he ‘tried to pay store with a counterfeit $20 bill’ as Minneapolis Mayor says he would still be alive if he were white after a night of violent protests which left a looter dead (Daily Mail). What a pointless death. And it is totally indefensible. We now have riots spreading, businesses in local communities being looted and burned to the ground, and police departments being stressed everywhere. In the middle of a pandemic we do not need this unrest, the focus should be on speeding up the recovery. But with tens of millions of Americans now unemployed, and even more who have lost everything because of the government’s economic shutdown in response to the coronavirus, it is a match that has been lit and some parts of the U.S. are now reaping the whirlwind.

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