China – India Border Conflict — News Updates June 19, 2020

Daily Mail: China is accused of using bulldozers to redirect Himalayan river at centre of deadly border brawl with India as satellite images show China ‘constructing roads and bringing in machinery’

* The images appear to show China bringing in machinery and damming a river in the disputed border region
* One expert said China appeared to be building roads in the Himalayan valley where troops fought on Monday
* India says 20 soldiers were killed in as troops fought with clubs and fists at 14,000 feet in the Himalayas

China has sent bulldozers to divert the course of a river near the disputed border where Chinese and Indian soldiers fought in a deadly clash at 14,000 feet on Monday, satellite images suggest.

The images appear to show China deploying new machinery and damming a river in the Himalayan mountainside where tensions boiled over into the worst violence on the border since 1967.

The machinery was sighted on Tuesday, having not been there a week before – and Indian media suggests the Chinese troops involved in Monday’s clash might have ‘surged’ from these positions.


China – India Border Conflict — News Updates June 19, 2020

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