Black Lives Matter Are Making Plans For More Rallies And Marches As Coronavirus Cases Spike Nationally

Just The News: As coronavirus cases spike nationally, Black Lives Matter plans more rallies, marches

Some public officials have halted reopening their states as cases have gone up.

Though coronavirus cases are surging in some parts of the United States, many Black Lives Matter activists are nonetheless planning sizable rallies in the near future, defying public health concerns in favor of continuing what has become a month-long streak of aggressive public activism.

The surge in coronavirus cases in some parts of the country — especially Texas, Arizona and Florida — has brought with it renewed fears that any form of reopening states after months of lockdowns will bring a new wave of COVID-19 infections.

The governors of Texas and Florida imposed fresh restrictions on residents this week in response to rising cases in their states, while other governors such as Washington’s Jay Inslee mandated that all state residents must wear face masks while out in public.

In spite of those mounting concerns, multiple chapters of Black Lives Matter across the country are still planning rallies and marches, even as officials urge residents to refrain from gathering in large groups.


WNU Editor: Almost every city that has had massive riot/protest/or march is followed by a spike in cases 3 weeks later. But even with this evidence, politicians and media are giving this movement a pass.

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