Private Pilot Takes Amazing Images Over America’s Premier Spy Plane Base

Gabriel Zeifman

Warzone/The Drive: Private Pilot Flew Over America’s Premier Spy Plane Base And Snapped These Images

The images show Global Hawks and U-2 spy planes scattered around the ramp, and an interesting upgrade that may point to a new shadowy resident.

Private pilot Gabriel Zeifman is up to his usual aviation adventures once again, which sometimes includes traversing unusual airspace that is often off-limits to commercial and private air traffic. He has buzzed around the perimeter of Area 51 and through restricted ranges throughout the region, all legally with air traffic control’s permission. Now Zeifman took his little Cessna over the top of Beale Air Force Base in Northern California, home of the U-2 Dragon Lady and RQ-4 Global Hawk spy planes, along with the U-2 community’s black T-38 Talon trainers, and a squadron of KC-135R tankers, and snapped some photos along the way. The images are fascinating as always, but one area, in particular, is especially intriguing.


Update: Photos Snapped of US Spy Plane Base Suggest Reconfiguration for New RQ-180 Drone (Sputnik).

WNU Editor: This pilot must have an incredible camera to take these pictures.

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