Unique Satellite Image Shows Russia’s Newest Ballistic Missile Submarine Leaving The Port City Of Severodvinsk

The Satellite image shows the Russian Navy Submarine Knyaz Vladimir leaving Severodvinsk where it was built. H I Sutton (Imagery from Sentinel Hub)

Forbes: Russia’s Newest Submarine Caught In Unusual Satellite Image

On Monday, a satellite passing over Russia’s arctic north captured an intriguing image. You can see a bright light, followed by a long plume stretching miles behind it. At first glance you could be forgiven for thinking that it has caught a rocket launch in mid-flight. But it is in fact Russia’s newest submarine, the Knyaz Vladimir.

The image was spotted by open-source intelligence expert Frank Bottema (twitter). Bottema was researching other vessel movements when he noticed what looked like a missile streaking out into the White Sea from the port city of Severodvinsk. Its location, and the fact that no warning notices or sea closures were reported (which can indicate missile tests) quickly pointed to something other than a missile test. But visually,it is unusual for a submarine to look like this in satellite imagery.


WNU Editor: That is one hell of a long wake. 

Author: Anchorman

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