F-35 Vs. A-10 Warthog


National Interest: F-35 Vs. A-10 Warthog: Which Plane Wins the Battle for Close Air Support King?

The US Army wants the F-35 to support its ground troops, but Congress loves the A-10.

Here’s What You Need To Remember: Regardless of the conclusions arrived upon by the ongoing assessment, it is likely both the A-10 and F-35 will perform CAS missions in the immediate years ahead.

The US Army wants the F-35 to support its ground troops.

It’s that simple. We hear volumes of information about the Marine Corps vertical-take-off-and-landing F-35B, Navy carrier-launched F-35C and Air Force F-35A – but what does the Army think of the emerging Joint Strike Fighter?

Does the Army think the 5th-Gen stealth fighter would bring substantial value to targeting and attacking enemy ground forces in close proximity to advancing infantry? What kind of Close Air Support could it bring to high-risk, high-casualty ground war?


WNU Editor:I have been hearing for years that there will be  F-35 vs. A-10 close air support test to see which one is the best. And each year it is always postponed with the excuse that the F-35 is not ready. That tells me which of the two planes is best in providing CAS.

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