Will The Border Conflict Between China And India Lead To A Naval War?

RCD/The Strategist: Will the India–China Border Conflict Lead to a Naval War?

The recent developments in Ladakh on the disputed border between India and China were shocking and tragic. The clash in Galwan Valley last week has opened up a deep fissure in India–China ties, spawning tensions that could even escalate into an all-out-war. The latest reports suggest the Indian armed forces have begun a rapid mobilisation and the Chinese military has been shoring up its positions, even as political efforts are on to defuse the crisis.

With a spiral of escalation building, a conflict so far limited to the Line of Actual Control with China could see other theatres open up, including one in the Indian Ocean. Unlike on the land border, where China has a relative advantage of terrain, military infrastructure and troop strength, India is better placed at sea. In the Eastern Indian Ocean through which most of China’s cargo and energy shipments pass, the Indian Navy is the dominant force.


WNU Editor: For the moment India is focused on building up its border defenses …. India moves air defense missiles to Chinese border (UPI). More here …. India Sends Tanks Along Border To Prevent China “Redefining” Line Of Actual Control (Zero Hedge).

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