U.S. Air Force Stealth B-21 Bomber Will Arrive In Just ‘2 Years’

The B-21 Raider – artist’s impression. (U.S. Air Force)

FOX News/Warrior Maven: New Air Force stealth bomber arrives in just ‘2 years’

The bomber could usher in new tactical approaches to how modern operations move forward in

The much-anticipated, high-tech B-21 bomber will “come on in two years,” bringing new dimensions of stealth, software, attack possibilities and nuclear deterrence to the U.S. Air Force. It would even possibly usher in new tactical approaches to how modern operations may move forward in the years ahead.

In a conversation with the Mitchell Institute for Aerospace Studies regarding the importance of modernizing the nuclear triad, Air Force Chief of Staff General Stephen Wilson confirmed that the stealthy new aircraft will “come on in two years.”

There has been discussion about its first test flight being imminent, and service weapons developers consistently express that the program has been progressing very successfully for several years now. Naturally, details regarding its specific developmental nuances are likely not available, as it is a black program. However, prototyping, software development and the overall success of the program has been well-documented. Given all of these factors, it would by no means be surprising if the B-21’s readiness for operations was merely a few years away. Senior weapons developers have long said the aircraft is expected to arrive in the 2020s, so indeed it may very well be on the earlier end of that.


WNU Editor: It looks like the program is proceeding on time.

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