Has Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau Led His Country Out Of The Pandemic?

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Kevin Liptak and Vivian Salama, CNN: Trudeau led his country out of a pandemic while Trump’s lack of leadership leaves the US in deep crisis

For months, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s hair kept growing.

As the coronavirus pandemic kept barbershops closed to customers, his tidy trim grew into a wave that evolved eventually into a mop with bangs. For some, the mane came to embody the shared sacrifices that Trudeau — quarantined at his home in Ottawa — was asking fellow Canadians to endure to stop the spread of coronavirus.

Things progressed differently 450 miles south in Washington.

President Donald Trump’s hair has appeared unchanged during the crisis as he makes no attempt to model the guidelines and recommendations his government is recommending to stay safe — including wearing a mask, avoiding large crowds and limiting travel to essential business only.

On Wednesday, the differences in the two approaches will be front and center as Trump marks the official beginning of the new North American trade agreement that is a signature achievement for all three participating governments: the United States, Mexico and Canada.
While Mexico’s President accepted Trump’s invitation to participate in the ceremony, Trudeau did not.


WNU Editor: I live in Canada, and I can say with confidence that we are not even remotely done with this virus. The response to the pandemic in Canada has also been primarily a provincial responsibility, not a federal one under the Prime Minister. In Canada it is the provinces that are responsible for health care, and they are the ones who have made the hard decisions when it comes to quarantines, treatment, and lock-downs. Where the Prime Minister deserves credit is closing the national borders, albeit he was late in doing it, and providing federal financial assistance to businesses and to nearly 8 million Canadians who found themselves out of work due to Covid-19 lock-downs. As for the future. Canadian federal aid is coming to an end, and there is an expectation that a second wave will be hitting Canada this fall. I shudder when I think about that, and I have taken precautions with the expectation that Covid-19 cases and deaths will return with a vengeance at the end of this year.

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