China And Iran On The Verge Of Signing A 25 Year $400 Billion Military And Economic Agreement

Prior talks between Xi Jinping and Hassan Rouhani of Iran, file image via China Foreign Ministry.

Zero Hedge: China-Iran “Strategic Accord” To Give Tehran $400 Billion Boost Over Next 25 Years

China has remained Iran’s top trading partner in what’s become a crucial lifeline for the Islamic Republic, which is even turning into military and weapons supply assistance.

Early this week The New York Times reported that Iran and China have concluded lengthy negotiations for a long term trade and military partnership which is expected to see some $400 billion worth of Chinese investments pour into the Islamic Republic over the next 25 years.


WNU Editor: Iran is negotiating from a terribly weak position. The fact that they have kept the details of their discussions secret is raising suspicions and doubts. Not surprising. Many in Iran are not supportive on what is happening …. Explainer: Anger Among Iranians Over Long-Term Deal With China (RFE).

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