Israel Is Trying to Bring The F-35 To The Next Level


Kris Osborn, National Interest: Israel Wants to Turn Its F-35s Into High-Tech Electronic Warfare Machines

Could they succeed in bringing their F-35s to the next level?

The Israeli Air Force is expected to have as many as twenty-seven F-35s by November of this year, bringing upgraded electronic warfare technology and new dimensions of aerial combat power to the Middle Eastern country facing threats from nearby hostile countries in the region, such as Iran.

As recently as July 4th of this year, Israel received four new F-35s, including a special test-aircraft slated to receive specific high-tech electronic warfare (EW) upgrades, according to a report in Breaking Defense. The report says Israeli engineers are planning to upgrade the already quite advanced ELINT EW system.


WNU Editor:I am sure everyone is paying attention.

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