Lancet Study Says World Population In 2100 Could Be 2 Billion Below UN Forecasts

Daily Mail: America’s population will peak at 364 million in 42 years – before SHRINKING by 10% as fertility rates plummet worldwide and fall by 17% in the US, study predicts

* US population will continue to grow until 2062 at 364 million people before shrinking 10% by 2100
* Women are having fewer and fewer children as access to contraception and education improve
* Birth rates in the US are expected to fall from 1.77 children per woman to 1.5 on average by 2100
* Researchers at University of Washington said efforts to improve women’s rights must not be slowed by fear of shrinking population
* America will fall from the third to the fourth most populous country in the world and its economy will slow
* India, Nigeria, China, US and Pakistan are projected to be the world’s most populated countries by 2100
* Many European and East Asian countries will see populations shrink dramatically and average age soar

The US population will grow until 2062, then shrink – alongside 182 other countries around the world – to 336 million by 2100, a new study predicts.

Fertility rates in the US and abroad have been declining and are expected to continue to do so for decades to come, driving the number of people in many nations down for the next 80 years, according to the new research from the University of Washington’s Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME).

Women are having fewer children as more widespread gender equality allows them to pursue educations, and careers and improved access to contraception – shifts that delay the age at which women start to have children and the limiting the number of kids they ultimately give birth to.

By 2100, the authors of the new study, published in The Lancet, predict the average American woman will have just 1.5 children, 17.7 percent lower than 2017’s fertility rate of 1.8 children per woman. These falling birth rates are expected to drive the US population down from its 2062 peak of 364 million to 336 million by 2100.

Coupled with aging populations, declining fertility could shrink the populations of 23 countries – including Japan, Thailand, Italy and Spain.


WNU Editor: 800 million people in Nigeria by the year 2100 ?!?!?!? I doubt it. The Lancet study is here (link here).

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