NATO Navies Now Conducting Exercises To Hunt For Russian Submarines

Royal Navy frigate HMS Kent with Allied warships, including USS Roosevelt, left, at the end of Dynamic Mongoose, July 9, 2020. British Royal Navy/LPhot Dan Rosenbaum

Business Insider: In the North Atlantic, NATO navies are practicing to take on a wave of Russian submarines

* In July, NATO navies conducted exercise Dynamic Mongoose, testing the abilities of their ships, subs, and aircraft to hunt enemy submarines.
* The US and its allies are increasingly focused on anti-submarine warfare, but countering all the subs a country like Russia or China could field in a war would still present a challenge.

NATO navies converged in the North Sea in late June for this year’s Dynamic Mongoose anti-submarine-warfare exercise, reflecting a growing focus on countering enemy submarines amid “great-power competition” with Russia and China.

During the exercise, US Navy destroyer USS Roosevelt and four other surface ships took turns hunting and being hunted by Navy fast-attack sub USS Indiana and four other subs in the waters off Iceland.

“It was fantastic because we would have such a small, confined area that it forced interaction between the submarine and the surface ships,” Cmdr. Ryan Kendall, commanding officer of the Roosevelt, said in an interview.


WNU Editor: Here is the Russian submarine fleet that NATO will need to face …. Here Are All the Submarines of the Russian Navy in One Infographic (Popular Mechanics).

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