Protesters Clash With Police And The Army In Beirut

Daily Mail: ‘We are at war with our government’: Protesters clash with police and the army in Beirut as an officer is killed and at least 60 demonstrators are wounded amid calls to overthrow Lebanon’s government after devastating explosion

* Violent clashes between protestors and security forces have led to several fires in buildings and on streets
* Five thousands people marched on central Beirut as they vented their fury at Lebanon’s political class
* Demonstrators threw stones and build mock gallows as they blamed the government for Tuesday’s blast
* Nearby, veterans stormed foreign ministry calling for ‘revolution’ but were later forced out by the army
* The explosion killed 158 people and wounded 6,000, Lebanon’s health ministry said in a statement yesterday

Chaotic scenes returned to Beirut last night as violent clashes between anti-government protestors demanding regime change and security forces saw buildings damaged by Tuesday’s huge explosion set on fire.

The groups exchanged tear gas and molotov cocktails as night fell, with the army being drafted in to take control of Martyrs’ Square in the city centre. It is believed one police officer fell to his death following an ‘assault’ by protestors, and dozens of demonstrators are injured.

The blast of the Port of Beirut that ripped through the city – killing 150 people – has been seen as a direct consequence of the incompetence and corruption that have come to define Lebanon’s ruling class.


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